Proyect words issue

Hi, I’m having an issue with the proyect words counting and I don’t know how to fix it.
I wasn’t sure about posting this in the beta testing forum or in the Windows general, but as I’m using the Beta version I decided to post it here.
The thing is the proyect target marks a lower word number than the masnuscript itself.
I’m attaching a couple of screenshots:

I’m sure the problem is something I touched :laughing: :laughing: but I don’t know what should I do to fix this… I tried saving and rebuilding indexes as that helped me before with another would counting issue. But nothing. What could this be related to? :neutral_face:

In the Options tab in Project Statistics, are you excluding Footnotes, or Comments and Annotations? Are you counting “Only documents marked for inclusion”? Are you counting Subdocuments?

The count from the bottom of Scrivenings mode counts everything. Doesn’t matter if it’s “included in compile” or not; it’s a total word count. The count in Project Statistics may or may not match, depending on what you have checked in the Options box (for example I include footnotes, comments, and annotations in my project statistics count for several reasons, but NOT subdocuments. So the Project count will be lower than the total count, because it’s not including various portions of the text).

Does that help?

Thank you for your answer.

Weird thing is that as I kept writing the difference decreased.
Now the whole manuscript has 65.431 words (the number that appears in the below bar), while in the porject objectives marks 63.459/90.000.
Without touching any option, just wrote and the word count changed.

I tried playing with the project statistics options but nothing, it still doesn’t match. I don’t even have footnotes, comments nor annotations so it should’nt vary because o that.

Well, at least now the difference is not that big… But I still can’t figure out where is the problem :confused:

There’s an option in Project Statistics dialog at the bottom left (a very short dropdown): Accurate (slower) or Estimate (faster). Try changing it, and see if the results change.

Also, in Project Targets, there are some options to be set (Options, lower right of the dialog box), and those may affect your word count, too. “Count text written anywhere in project,” for example, in the Session Target tab.

I was going to answer that it didn’t work. But I had to restore my laptop and when I reinstalled it and opened again the project… it’s fine already. Still don’t know where was the problem but it seems to be fine now LOL

Thank you for your help either way :smiley: