Pseudo-bolding of current paragraph

In beta 15 the current paragraph turns darker and more jaggedy (though that might be my imagination). Is there a way to turn this off?

I have seen this at times in the prior versions. I am not seeing it now.

Definitely not seeing this. Might be worth specifying your screen resolution and the type of font (TrueType, OpenType, etc.) to help the devs pin this one down.

I can confirm this behavior.
The whole paragraph is bold and the font seems to be wishy-washy.
This only happens if highlight current line is checked, so unchecking it is a temporary solution until a bug-fix is out.

Confirming this behavior. When “highlight current line” is checked, the current paragraph loses resolution (the fonts become more jagged; smoothing or some other font setting seems to be turned off), appears to be slightly bold (like semi-bold, maybe?). It’s not fully bold. Here’s a pic with one para normal, the next one currently selected, showing the highlight line, and the next para fully bold. It doesn’t show the jaggies very well.

The jaggies are more visible in some fonts than in others.

Ok, now I’m seeing it: I missed the crucial information that this only happens when the “Highlight current line” option is enabled in the main editor appearance preferences. Never having used this feature, I hadn’t seen the problem, but I’ve just experimented and it is definitely showing up on my screen.

Sorry for the late reply guys. With the latest update we fixed some issues with highlighting the current line, like the text decorations which were drawn under the yellow line. The solution we found unfortunately makes the current paragraph a bit stronger than the rest of the text. We will try to improve this further in the following updates. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, guys!