PSMT fonts, RTF, and 2.0


I’ve been reading up on the PSMT font issue (forum posts from 2007/2008). With Scrivener 1.0, I never saw this issue. I could generate short stories as RTF with the template (lightly customized to include the <<<<<>>>>> end marker). I could pull these into Word on Mac or PC and get Courier New just fine. Likewise, I don’t remember any problems with OpenOffice/LibreOffice.

After upgrading to 2.0, I converted a scriv project, and compiled to RTF. When I pulled the doc into LibreOffice, I got CourierNewPSMT fonts. The 12 point text looked larger in italic (CourierNewPS-ItalicMT) than in regular. I got the same fonts on Word for Mac and PC, but at least the presentation looked better. The funny thing is that those fonts do not even show up as options in LibreOffice.

I presume this is a OpenOffice/LibreOffice issue. Am I correct? Is there anything more I can do to force things from the Scrivener side? It worries me to send stories out to market without more confidence that funky things won’t happen on the editor’s end.




This is down the text system and OS X using different underlying font files to those of Word and non-OS X programs, I believe; the font that OS X uses for Times New Roman is really TimesNewRomanPSMT, for instance, so that’s probably true of Courier too. I haven’t seen this issue for a while, though - which version of OS X are you running?

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I’m running 10.5.8.