PSMT fonts

Hi. I’ve read this post about the PSMT issue but it seems not to solve the problem, so I try again.
When I export my Scrivener files (or drafts) in a Word format, the CourierNew font becomes a CourierNewPSMT font; when I open the file in Word for Mac the font is shown as a normal CourierNew, but on Windows computers Word doesn’t recognize the font and shows a default one, and this is very annoying for me, because unfortunately most of the people I use to send my files are PC users…
Is there any way to get rid of this PSMT thing (besides of manually editing my docs before sharing them?)
P.S.: excuse me for my poor english :wink:

Unfortunately this is the fault of the OS X text system which Scrivener uses to generate RTF and other formats. Most OS X apps use a different version of Times and Courier etc than Word, so when they are copied into or exported to Word, Word substitutes them. Unfortunately there is no other way around it than opening up the files in Word and changing them there. You can use “Font substitution…” in Word’s Compatibility preferences to set which fonts should be swapped for the ones it thinks are missing.

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Thank you :slight_smile: