Publication provided Word Template

The publication has provided me with a MS Word template. What is my best approach to moving my scrivener work to that template? It would be best if I could do this once, and then continue working in scrivener and do it again. In other words, back and forth. What do you recommend?

Do a test compile, well before your deadline.

If Scrivener is configured to assign the correct style names, you should be good to go. Chapter 17 in the Scrivener manual discusses the use of Styles in the Editor; Section 24.5 explains how the Compile command handles Styles.

Adding to L&L’s @kewms’s comments, I recommend that you setup your compile configuration soonest “well before the deadline”, and then compile frequently and often to make sure your writing and the styles you apply to your writing continue to compile to your your expectations. Don’t rely on “do it once”.

Thanks. I understand about the naming of the styles. But I’m not clear how I take the .doc created by scrivener and apply the template provided by the conference.

First it is best that you create and work with a docx document. doc Word files is well out of date.

Applying a template to a Word document is done in Word not Scrivener.

Google brought up some Microsoft guidance searching “apply template to Word docx”

What does the template consist of?

You can get the styles into Scrivener by importing a Word document that has them. Make sure the style names exist in Scrivener first. (Again, see the manual for full details.)

You can define margins and such via the Compile command.

Once the styles exist and have been applied where you want them, all of Word’s tools can be used to tweak the final document. But as @rms said, there’s no Scrivener mechanism for associating a Word template with a file.