Publish .MOBI files but NOT to Kindle store

I want to create content that can be read on a Kindle (or the Kindle app on iPad or desktop), but I do not want it to be in amazon’s store. Is there an easy way to do this? It appears the terms for installing KindleGen seem to indicate content will be sold through amazon (I haven’t installed it yet).

My reason for this isn’t greed. It’s because there will be multiple flavors of content, based on the specifics of the audience. So it simply doesn’t map to the general audience approach of amazon’s Kindle store.

Where are you seeing that the KindleGen EULA forces you to use Amazon’s market? The part, under the LICENSE clause that I have on my installation indicates that the products created with this software can be used for personal or commercial purposes, but no stipulation is made on what “commercial” means, that I can see. The primary allowance is: “(i) convert documents existing in certain file types or formats into Kindle-compatible formats (such Kindle-compatible files, the “Content”), or (ii) preview Content from a personal computer to evaluate how that Content may appear on Kindle products.” Option (i) would fit here, because internally Scrivener produces an .epub then runs it through KindleGen to convert it.

But, if you are seeing something I’m not (and I am far from a lawyer, so that’s very possible!), you could consider compiling to .epub and using Calibre for the conversion. It does not rely upon KindleGen.

Thanks, AmberV. You are right. It was the info on amazon’s download page that I misinterpreted. I downloaded it, installed, and created a sample .MOBI file with no difficulty.

Excellent; glad to hear there isn’t any draconian stuff going on with it!