Published my first book with the help of Scrivener !

Hi all,

I’ve been hanging out here for a few months as I wrestled with the power of Scrivener to give me what I needed to write my first book. And it did exactly that.

I have now published my book on KDP

So MANY MANY thanks to you guys in Scrivener.

I still have work to do as I am not completely happy with how the KDP page looks and the pricing, but I hope I can iron out the wrinkles asap.

Congrats indeed!


Many thanks guys …

Well done and congratulations!

Congratulations and good luck.

I picked up Time’s Arrow by Martin Amis the other day, but the clumsy error in the first sentence was enough to make me put the book down again. … e=UTF8&me=

All writers have personal preferences in terms of style, and all writers and publishers make errors (I even included a deliberate error in each chapter of my first novel to act as a series of ‘clues’ for super-observant readers), but numerous errors stop me in my tracks…if the writer and publisher haven’t invested time in polishing the text, why should readers invest time in reading it?

I read the first few pages of Vineyard on Amazon. Its genre is outside of my interests (and its style is not one I am comfortable with…though I appreciate that I have only read a few pages; that I am probably not in the target demographic; and that my head is somewhat fuddled by post-operative pain and medication), but I can’t help but wonder if readers might be lost for the want of guidance from a good proofreader or editor.

This is not a criticism of your storytelling abilities. It is an observation about the importance of proofreaders and editors (especially professional rather than amateur ones, though an amateur proofreader is often better than none at all). If writers cannot afford to have their entire texts proofread, even having the first chapter proofed can help them to be aware of the kind of mistakes they are making, and they can, in many circumstances, use search and replace to find repeated errors in chapters not checked by the proofreader. Plus, a ‘clean’ first chapter gives the writer a better chance of hooking the reader and reeling them in…something that matters with Amazon’s Look Inside/Sample features.

Thanks Briar for your time and honest comments.

I wish you every success.