Publishing a single chapter as PDF

Hi everyone, my first post here. I’m grateful to have Scrivener to write my first book. As I progress, I want to share a PDF of single chapters with my community for feedback and then on my website as a lead magnet. I would like the PDFs to have a header and footer that I can control. How can I achieve this without copy pasting the chapters into new projects? :smiley:

Press the “compile” button (or the menu command). Set at top "Compile for " as “print” (to later select printer as print to Preview and you can look at before printing ), or “PDF” to directly create a PDF … on right take note that your full document is displayed with checkboxes. Check “on” those sections/chapters that you want. Other settings are in the Section Layouts.

Take a peek at the Manual for more guidance on compiling and all the settings available.