Publishing ebook in iBooks using Scrivener windows

Hi – I’m working on a book that I will be publishing electronically and plan on using Scrivener for Windows to convert the document to the epub format. I’ve read a lot of background info and tutorials on how to publish in different ebookstores and feel pretty confident that I know how to do it properly. Except for the iBookstore. Is anyone familiar with formatting a book to the epub format in Scrivener for Windows then publishing it in the iBookstore? Are you required to have a Mac to do so? I checked out the iTunes Connect and it says that a Mac is required. But what for? To format your text into the epub format or for the iTunes Connect software? I’m currently confined to a Windows machine though I’d love to get a Mac and plan to when I earn some money. Is there any way that I can still publish my ebook to the iBookstore without a Mac? My last resort will be to borrow a friend’s Macbook but I’d rather be able to just do it on my own computer in case I need to update anything in the future.

I know this isn’t exactly a Scrivener question but everyone here is a writer so I figured you’d have better experience than if I went to another forum.

Thanks for the help!

Oh well, guess no one here knows. I’ll have to ask around somewhere more focused on the iBookstore and the iPad.

I appreciate your time and consideration though.