Pulling a Scrivener File from Dropbox to Scrivener on iPhone

Yesterday with two mysterious keystrokes I managed to delete my one Scrivener file which holds all my projects. That was pretty scary! It happened while I was working in Scrivener. The file was in the Trash, so I got it out, and placed it back into a folder named Scrivener in Dropbox. The file works on my computer, but the Scrivener app on my iPhone cannot locate it. When I open the Scrivener folder in Dropbox, I can see that the file has been synced as soon as I save it or close it on my desktop, but I cannot pull it in the iPhone. If anyone can help, I will appreciate it.

Also, does anyone know what these keystrokes might have been? I will have to change them. I have plenty of backups of my stuff on several external hard drives but if I can save myself the time to handle technical hiccups, I will be pleased.

I assume you were working on your Mac? The only command I know of is Command-backspace (i.e. backspace-delete) in Finder, which will instantly delete whatever you have highlighted in Finder.

In Scrivener onn the iPhone, you need to point the Dropbox connection to the right folder. In project view, tap edit and then the gear icon and then Dropbox settings, and navigate to the correct folder.

Thanks! I sorted out the folder for the iPhone app.

As for the key strokes, I just created a sample file to try them out. I must have clicked for Command-O which opens the folder where the Scrivener file is saved. Probably my only file there was highlighted and with Command-Delete tossed in the trash. This is fast!!

Does anyone have recommendations on how slow down this process? I can change the keystrokes, but there may be a better strategy. I never use Command-O, and this sequence of keystrokes was just a fluke.