Pulling already made files into new novel?

I am still on my trial period and still learning all the options on Scrivener. I’m getting ready to start my second novel on there. I’d like to be able to use everything that I already had setup in the first novel. All the folders I made to hold extra research, the steps I follow when I outline. Is there a way to pull these already made files over to the new novel I have open? Any help appreciated. TY


Drag and drop from project to project (binder to binder) works on a Mac. Assume it is the same in Windows.

Alternatively, duplicate the first project, rename the duplicate, and then use that as the foundation for the second project/novel.

If you are talking about making a template just like I want it, I think that’s what I’m doing now :smiley: Thanks for the reply.

Happy writing! :smiley:

Specifically on making the template, you could use Save As to create the copy, strip out everything specific to the original novel, then use File > Save As Template… to create a new project template that will appear in your New Project window. Then when you get to your third novel, it will be ready and waiting. :slight_smile: