Pulling Text

As I develop my novel, I will see large blocks of text that I wish to pull out for later utilization.

Is there a good way to pull the text out and where shoud I store it.

Also, can I format in Scrivinger? Can I for example do italics for ghost like past voices?


I use the document notes for things like that. Just pop open the Inspector if it isn’t already (Cmd-Opt-I), and at the bottom, make sure the little notepad icon is clicked. That text area is a notation area. Each document or folder can have its own notepad like this. Additionally, there is a project notepad, which you can switch to at the top of this text field. If you want to pull text out and frequently end up using some place else entirely, perhaps the global notepad would be a better place, as it will be instantly accessible from anywhere in your project.

Another place you could try is the scratch pad (Cmd-/). One nice feature that makes the scratch pad exceptionally useful for moving data around is the ability to select a chunk of text in it, and use the bottom menu to choose where that bit of text should be appended to. Just make sure the “Selection Only” is turned on. Scratch pad also has the ability to float. When float is turned on, you can grab text from other applications and drop it in there, even when Scrivener is in the background.

There are lots of other tricks too. Scrivener is very versatile.

You can do rudimentary formatting. Pretty much anything that can be in TextEdit, and a little more. I suggest giving the tutorial a run through. You’ll find these and other questions answered.