Purchased Scrivener on 9th Feb, and still cannot access it, despite numerous emails to support team!


I posted previously about the issue I had with Scrivener being registered an incorrect name, which is still not resolved, despite numerous emails.

In frustration, I gave up and tried to use the original licence, with the incorrect name, only to find that this licence has ‘been blacklisted’!! So, I have paid for the software, sent numerous emails, and STILL am unable to even open the software.

Can someone please look into this as a matter of URGENCY? I was so excited to be buying and getting going on Scrivener with my writing, but this experience has honestly taken all the joy out of it.


Sorry to hear you’ve run into an issue with registration. Could you check your spam filter in the email? I’ve checked the support system and we’ve responded to every one of your queries, but it seems you are getting no responses from us. Make sure to whitelist tenderapp.com.

Thanks for your reply. I have been checking my junk mail daily, with the tenderapp.com address being whitelisted three weeks ago. It is the emails to and from Astrid that I have yet to receive replies on (ie. who I was advised was the most appropriate team member to deal with this issue).

I can forward copies of the emails concerned if that’s helpful. Anything to get help me get access to the Scrivener program I purchased!

Hi, I don’t think I replied properly to the sender then (quoting instead).

Wanting to reply to AmberV, but not sure how to make sure she sees it… Have included my response below.

If email is proving difficult, it might be easier if you create an account in the support system, so you can view your tickets directly and respond to them via the web. Just be sure to use the same email you use to contact us, for the account.