Purchased software - but not showing as purchased

I have installed Scrivener 3, purchased a new license but the software crashed out while processing the payment transaction.

Software is still showing as being unlicensed, however my bank confirms the transaction DID go through and the money has already been debited from my account.

I would expect the license and purchase confirmation through in an email pretty much straight away, but I haven’t received any confirmation of the purchase from L&L and at the moment I’m running an “unlicensed” product that has been paid for.

Any assistance from L&L would be appreciated, thanks.

Please check your junk mail folder.

If that doesn’t help, please open a support ticket, here:

We can’t handle licensing issues through the forum.


After the most recent update, your software reverted me to unlicensed status. I used the link you provided Katherine, and yet it has been 3 days with no response or resolution.

Scrivener 3 is a new version, and will require a new license key. Our store should recognize your email address and apply the appropriate discount.

If that doesn’t help, please PM me your email address and I’ll look for your note in the support queue.