Purchasing both Mac & Windows, and still getting the upgrade.

So here’s a poser:

I work in a dual-boot environment and plan to purchase the dual-OS package. I would like to be able to switch between Mac and Windows without having to regular convert the Scrivener document between versions 2&3. So that means running version 2 on both platforms until the Windows version of 3 is available, which right now is more than three months out, and therefore outside of the free upgrade period.

What is the earliest I can purchase the combo package without having to re-buy Scrivener for either platform?

Sorry, I know it’s nit-picky.

Thank you.

I’m in largely the same situation, so I’m very interested in the answer to this.

I’m using MacOS on my main desktop machine, and Windows on my laptop. So I essentially can’t upgrade right now, as it would cut off my ability to work on anything away from home until the Windows version is released.

you two lead complicated lives… I recommend a glass of chardonnay.

You can buy now. New Windows Scrivener 1 users will get a free upgrade to Windows Scrivener 3 when it’s available.
literatureandlatte.com/intro … crivener-3

Also, note that a Mac Scrivener 3 license can also be used for Mac Scrivener 2.9.


Thank you, Katherine.