purchasing Scrivener – setting off tax liability

I just bought Scrivener, 19% VAT was correctly added to the 26.14 Euro net price.
Now I can really see my tax accountant frowning at me – as a professional writer I could set the purchase off tax liability, but the invoice doesn’t really say anything but »Scrivener (macintosh)«.
If it said something like: »professional word processor software« or »software for writers«, anything that the monkeys at the tax office will understand, it would probably be easier for us freelance writers to convince them that using Scrivener is vital for pursueing our careers.


Just describe it as:


Take care

If labour of love was tax deductible for me, I’d be working in an entirely different line of business.
Thinking of it … maybe not that different after all.

If your ratbag tax accountant frowns at you, fire him. You employ him. He has to be nice to you. 8)

Anyway, all he has to do is put “word processing software” in the details box. The taxman wants to come round and see for himself, fine. It’ll do the fellow good to get out of the office…

German taxes require that much detail? All I have to do (US) is break out “books,” “software,” “office supplies,” and so forth. No one cares which books or which software unless I get audited. (Which I probably won’t, since I have a good ratio of profit to expenses.) Good thing, too, as the book list alone would run longer than the entire rest of my return…

And should I get audited, Scrivener is the least of my worries. I have basically a one-to-one correspondence between incoming checks and Scrivener files. Proving business use is beyond trivial.