Purchasing Windows vs. Mac

I have been using Scrivener for Mac for quite some time now, and decided that I would like to have it on a new Windows PC (I built the thing as a hobby, and don’t even ask why I deviated from my Macs). So off to the Literature and Latte site to make the purchase. I selected Scrivener for Windows, and expected the discounted amount as I have it for my Macs, and checked out. Well, low and behold the system purchased another Mac license. Full price plus tax. No Windows version or license key. Rats! So now I have written to Literature and Latte a total of three (3) times in the past two (2) weeks, with no response. I’ve corresponded with them a few times, with no issue or delay. Now this time around? Crickets. No one there? All off to the Bahamas? Closed up for an undetermined length of time leaving the computer system running the shop?

We were closed over the holidays (from mid-Dec), and are still working through everything in the order it was received (we’re about halfway through everything). I see your ticket(s), I’ll put a flag on it.

Well I am certainly glad that you guys survived the Christmas holiday season and have returned at last. It would be interesting to know if Scrivener for IOS will be out in 2015, or 2016, or 2017… I’ll keep an eye on my mail inbox for a response and solution for my Scrivener for Windows license and refund of the difference ($45.00 - $15.00 = $30.00).

Nothing so dramatic as the Bahamas, I’m afraid, but a relaxing break nonetheless. :wink:

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