Pure Linux v. Wine. DB Compatibility?

I have a license for the WIndows version of Scrivener. I prefer to use Linux and have used the Linux version of Scrivener for some months. I have now entered the “serious” stage of dissertation writing. The Linux version seems to lack features I need, like sufficient capability to compile to odt and rtf. I am assuming that the Windows version has the functionality I need, but I have not used it for months. If I switch to the Windows version of Scrivener under Linux, do I risk database incompatibility? Internal linking issues? What if I switch to the straight Windows XP OS? Thx, kraml

Went ahead and experimented. Ver 1.6 does not have compile features much better than the Linux version, for rtf and odt. The font overrides seem to work better, but the output for odt and rtf is just not quite right. If I could just have odt with real footnotes and font override working, I would be a happy camper. My eyes are very bad, so I have to work with Courier New on-screen in large disokay format, but the dissertation requirements are for Times New Roman. So there’s a reason this is important for me. kraml