Put Green Add button on bottom left of binder? Minor

I got in the habit of using the + and Folder + buttons on the bottom left of the binder to create new files. Really quick and handy. I only recently discovered that the Green Add button also includes Templates you have created – which is very helpful. Would it possible to have the option of putting the Green Add Button in the bottom left of the the Binder as well? This would also clear some space on the toolbar on top.

Obviously this is no big deal. Just a way of making my work flow, in this really incredible program, more efficient.

You can already access the New from Template list via the gear menu in the binder footer. Also if you’re using templates a lot, know that the keyboard shortcut Opt-Shift-Cmd-N is automatically assigned to the first template in the template folder, for easily creating new documents from that template, and you can always assign additional keyboard shortcuts via System Preferences.

If you want to clear space on the top then, you can just modify the toolbar (right-click in the toolbar and choose “Customize Toolbar…”) and remove the green button. :slight_smile: You can also choose to use smaller icons or text only, which will also give you a little more room.