Put images on the corkboard

Hello, I’m absolute beginner using Scrivener, so I don’t know the basics. :confused:
I see many screenshots of corkboard within images, this feature is very good for me to write. I try (whit the right button) to , but I only see add folder, add text, but not add image…, I try too drag and drop from a images folder or directly from a web, but any image in the corkboard.
The option in the preferences menu "Show media files as photographs on coarkboard is checked…, so

Can somebody explain me, slowly please, how can I put images on the corkboard to see them like “polaroids”?

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It might make it easier to understand, if you visualise the corkboard as being just a different way of viewing the contents of a container in the Binder. When you click on a folder or document that has documents beneath, you are viewing a representation of those documents. So then, it follows that if you want to view pictures on a corkboard, you merely need to place them inside of a container. Drag the images from the Finder into the project Binder, and then click the folder that they are contained within.


I take an image from Finder and try to drag to the binder, but doesn’t work, I can’t drop the image (?), it seems that the app don’t turn on activate. So I try drag and drop the imagen from the Scrivener:
I have a test file with one folder within two files, one for a text and the other one with an image. On the corkboard view, I can see two items (the two files into the folder), but there are no one card and one image (like polaroid), but only two cards (one for file). I try too drag and drop the image from the file on the folder to the binder (not into another document, but into the folder as independent item). Then I have three items, three cards on corkboard, but any image… I want to see on the corkboard the representation of the images inside the folder like little images, no like cards. Help me, please.

In the Preferences of Navigation, the option “Show media files as photographs on corkboard” is on…

Maybe I don’t put the image like a multimedia item into the binder, I don’t know do this.


NB: Sorry by my poor english!

Ok, ok, ok, sorry

I just discovered that the thing work not into the draft folder, but into the RESEARCH folder!!!
I don’t reed this point anywhere, is may fault, sorry, and thanks for your help

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Glad you got it working. As you’ve figured out, the Draft folder is text-only (this is covered in the tutorial if you haven’t been though it yet).
Thanks for trying Scrivener!
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Is this a conceptual or rather a technical decision? Still the same in 2.x, considering there is a page view?

Conceptual of course - and I’m not sure why a page view would make any difference? The whole point of Scrivener is that you are building the draft of a text, and it’s generally geared towards the sort of text that will be printed. So you can’t really have video and music files in a printed text, can you? Hence, no media files in the text. Obviously you can have images in your text, but you place them inside the text itself, where you can control the size and placement.

This genuinely isn’t a limitation but a fundamental necessary feature.