putting a line under a chapter heading

I am compiling a book from Scrivener to docx with a view to finishing the layout on Word. I have several books that will have the same formats and want to be able to create new versions of the various books easily. With this end I am trying to put as much of the layout as possible into the Scrivener compile and thus to create an easy workflow, that will allow me to configure the resulting docx by importing styles from a master Word file.

a problem I have is that I want to put a horizontal line under a chapter heading and above an epigraph. I don’t want this horizontal line to span the page. How can I set this up in Scrivener so that it ‘maps’ onto a ‘border’ (in a paragraph style) in Word?


There’s no way to apply borders or lines around text in Scrivener, I’m afraid. You could achieve it with an image - insert an image of a line - but it sounds as though you don’t want to take that approach. So instead the best thing would probably just be to set up a paragraph style in Scrivener intended for this, and then add the borders to that style in Word, since the style itself will go over to .docx.

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I’m trying to figure out how to use the outline numbering function in Writer to number a chapter and then to put the chapter number on a different line from the heading liteblue.