Putting a pathname in meta-data

I’m continuing to work through trying to use RTF+MMD to generate LaTeX.

Following Tim Brandes’ guide (albeit outdated, but all I could find), I have put a reference to my BibTeX file in my project’s meta-data. I.e., I set the BibTex key in metadata to:


This gets mangled into my LaTeX document as:

\def\bibliocommand{\bibliography{\slash Users\slash 3dMark\slash Papers\slash bib.bib}}

whereas I of course just wanted


Any idea how to convince Scrivener to pass through this pathname without being mangled?


It’s always good to check whether the output you are seeing is Scrivener processing or something further on down the line (MultiMarkdown in this case). The best way of doing so is to switch your compile output to plain MultiMarkdown. The .txt file that setting produces is a clean result of what Scrivener generates and sends to MMD internally, when automated to HTML, LaTeX, etc… With that I get:

Title: Test Project BibTeX: /Users/path/to/file.bib

If I then take that sample file and process it on the command-line with the mmd2tex command, it does seem to be converting the metadata value to LaTeX so that it prints as typed in. I think the idea here is that this result would be useful in metadata in general—such as the title field, where you wouldn’t want to have have to type in raw LaTeX code to make a valid title with symbols that would otherwise break it (like an ampersand).

That conjecture aside, it’s probably something better queried on the MultiMarkdown support board. I don’t know how this is intended to be used, myself. I can say it does look as though it expects the .bib file to be in the same folder as the .tex file though, so that there is no need for absolute paths. At least in the interim, that would be a workable solution I think.

Thanks again, AmberV. You’re right, it looks a lot like the issue is in the MMD->LaTeX conversion.