putting back corrected documents ?

I have a problem with correcting a few chapters of my project (paper).
I have written about 100 pages of my paper so far.
I need to correct some parts (chapters) by another person (linguistic ommissions etc.) then
I need to put it back. In the meantime I would like to continue my work on another parts of my project.
What is the best (or the most simple) way ?
I saved my current project under a different name. Then I deleted all the remaining stuff except the parts which should be corrected. The person which will make the correction already has notebook with Scrivener on it.
So she will correct it and then how I should put it the corrected parts in to my project.
I have plenyty aof citations (footnotes) so I suppose simple copy and paste is not the best solution.
I would like to say I need to make these correction now not after the whole project is finelized as it is the overall idea of Scrivener.
Thanks a lot

You are definitely on the right track with producing a simple project for your colleague to work in. Getting things back into your project will be very easy to do. Copy and paste actually would work. Scrivener creates a special clipboard that it uses between Scrivener projects, which will save the special information needed for footnotes to paste correctly.

However there is a much better way to go about it:

  1. Open both projects at once; your master project and the simplified project with their revisions
  2. Drag their documents over to your project Binder. This will copy everything, including any notes or synopsis changes they might have made, keywords, snapshots—the whole lot.
  3. Integrate the revised documents with your draft, removing the old copies to the trash.

So depending on how you are doing things, it might be easiest to drag the entire “Draft” folder from the simplified project, somewhere in your Binder, and then integrated the changed files back into your Draft. Or it might be easier to just do them one by one. Since snapshots are saved when you do this, you might want to snapshot the documents in the simplified project before you send it, that way you’ll have your original revision saved along with their changes, for future reference.

Thank you Rocco