Putting Excel 2007 diagrams into Scrivener

I am new to Scrivener, but did try to find a similar article in the previous postings, but failed.

I am writing a non-fiction book that requires cutting & pasting a great number (over 100) of diagrams and tables into Scrivener. I have tried a simple cut & paste, but the end result is not very pretty to look at as, regardless of the original size, the pasting seems to spread across the width of the Scrivener page. I have also tried saving the Excel diagram as a JPG file and importing it as a file into the Research area, but when I drag it across, I get the same result. Finally I tried creating a PDF file from the Excel document and imported it into the Research area OK, but nothing happened when I tried to drag the PDF into my Scrivener document. There were no error messages, & the cursor remained blinking.

My problem is this. Writing the book without inserting the Excel diagrams will result in absolute nonsense, but I can’t seem to find a way to bring the diagram (in a legible and readable size according to its content) into the actual Scrivener document which resides in the Draft folder. Perhaps there is a way and I have missed it in the User Manual.

I shall be most grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction.

I’m not sure if it will work for importing the Excel diagrams themselves, but if you import them as jpegs and drop them into the text you can then right click on them and select Edit Image from the menu to set the image size. You’ll have to set up any text wrapping after compiling, since as far as I’m aware it can’t be done inside Scrivener yet.

Hope that helps!

Hi temporalranger.

Thank you for your reply. Yes your suggested method works well, after I have saved the Excel segment to a jpg file, imported it and then edited it. That is a great help to me and I thank you most sincerely.