Putting research into individual documents in Binder/Draft

Currently if I want to import some research (e.g. pdf, image, …) specific to a document in my Draft folder, I first move it into my Research folder; then add a link to the References section of my document.

It would be nice if I could drag-and-drop it directly into the place I want in the binder, and if Scrivener did the above 2 steps for me behind the scenes. The file-name would make a good default name for the reference.

I’m not quite sure what you mean. You can drag and drop any file to where you want it in the binder. But how could Scrivener possibly know which draft file you want it referenced from?

Not to be facetious, but it seems a little as though you want Scrivener to foresee everything you personally want to do and then do it for you beforehand; unfortunately neither I nor Scrivener have such powers of prediction. If we did, I’d be rich beyond my wildest dreams. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Hope I’m not posting too much, please just let me know if I should slow it down :slight_smile:. I like Scrivener a lot, and am building up some steam in my writing, in large part due to it.

Assuming I drop it onto a draft file, then add it to the Scrivener “Document References” section in that draft file. (which is what I meant earlier by “References” section).


  • User drops media from Finder onto a file in the Draft
  • Scrivener imports media into Research folder at top-level
  • Scrivener creates a reference link to new resource to the draft item that it had been dropped on.