Putting the Inspector at the Bottom of the Screen?

Just wondering if there’s any way to put the Inspector at the bottom of the screen. I’m afraid I’m a little old fashioned when it comes to footnotes. I want them to be at the foot of the page while I’m composing! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The inspector can’t be moved from the right of the project window, but there is a way you can reference inline footnotes in a separate document. You could then split the editor horizontally and keep the footnote document in the bottom pane. Check out section 18.1.3 in the user manual, available from the Help menu, to see how this works.

What an excellent suggestion!

This was the biggest adjustment for me, coming over from Word.
I wanted the “footnote” experience of having them as ‘inspector’ footnotes, but missed having them below - finding it unnatural to constantly cast my eyes to the right - not knowing which footnote was associated with which part of the text, unless it (or the text) was selected etc…

It frustrated me so much, I eventually went over to inline footnotes.
Best. Move. Ever. :smiley:

For me, at least. Being able to read my footnotes in context of what I was writing, made a massive difference to sharpening up the ‘flow’. Of course, this probably won’t apply to everyone - since our style allows for extensive apropos commentary inside the footnotes, rather than simply housing references/citations.

Had I seen this suggestion - and I reason it would certainly be doable, I might not have switched!

Please share if you manage to get it working, and what your thoughts are!

Another option is to work on the document in a QuickReference panel, which allows you to have inspector information open at the bottom of the window:

You can’t access the binder from QR panels, as they are mainly intended for reference (thought they work well enough for writing, too), but it’s one way of doing it if you really want the footnotes at the bottom of the screen.

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