Puzzled (again) by page break after chapter

Novel is broken down into Chapters (folders), with some folders having one text note and others more than one. Compile settings for each (chapter) folder are to do a page break before each folder. Scratching my head because I am also getting a page break before the first page of the first note in the folder prints/displays. I must be doing something dumb. Advice?

[EDIT] I went back through my old posts here and found one that may apply. Unfortunately, when I try what was suggested for “Separators” I still get the folder (“Chapter #”) on its own page, followed by note’s contents on its own new page. Thought I’d attach an image of my Compile/Separators settings for reeference.

If you click on the first document in a folder and pull up the inspector, is “page break before” ticked? Because that would overwrite the basic compile setting.

I believe I have reviewed that possibility and there were no “break before”'s ticked off. But I will do so again. Thanks!

The settings indicated on this Compile graphic now give me my chapter on the first page of the chapter.
It would appear that having “page break before” in the general meta-data and in the Compile Separator settings produced a double-whammy.
FWIW, if I use “Empty Line” for the “Folder and Text Separator” I again get the chapter # on its own page.
Now I’d like to get a space (or two) between “Chapter” and the first line of text.