Puzzling Barely-A-Problem

I use Scrivener on a laptop and my desktop, often bouncing the same file back and forth between them via Dropbox. This all works perfectly well, but there’s an odd phenomenon that keeps popping up - when I start writing on a new text page on the laptop the first line has no indentation. But when I start one on the desktop there’s a first line indentation. This happens within the same document, to be clear - the document behaves differently on each system, leading me to think it’s not a formatting default within the document.

It’s not a huge issue - it’s easy enough to decrease the first line indent and get on with my life. I’m just terribly curious why the same document would have different formatting defaults on different computers.

When you say “the same document” do you mean there is a specific document in the binder that sometimes indents and sometimes does not, or do you mean that in a given Scrivener project, new items you create have indents if created on one machine but not on the other? From your description of writing “on a new text page” and “the first line” makes me think the latter, and that could be easily explained by having different global settings for default formatting on each of your machines. Unless you specifically override this for a project, new documents in all projects will use the default formatting defined in the Formatting tab of Scrivener > Preferences. I’d take a look there on each of your computers and make sure that matches if you’re going to be moving back and forth a lot.

You can also assign project-specific default formatting by going to Project > Text-Preferences and checking the box to use different default formatting (rather than that assigned in the main preferences). If you do this, it will create a separate preference file that will be saved with the project, so it will transfer from one machine to the other and new documents will use that default, regardless of whether you have the same default formatting in the global prefs. All the same, if you do this a lot, I think it will be less hassle to match your main default formatting.

I meant the latter, yes. And that fixed it. Thanks very much.