Puzzling display of corkboard, outline synopsis, & Inspector

In one window I have my corkboard display of my index cards. I also have the Inspector open so I can also see the synopsis there along with the other elements of that panel. I open a second editor and set it to display the Outliner with only the synopsis visible. From the corkboard editor pane, I then use the “automatically open selection in other editor pane” (which displays Outliner).

I click on a card in the corkboard, the inspector shows the synopsis in the inspector but the outliner does not always show the most current synopsis. I have attached a screenshot. The Outliner synopsis is displaying an older version of the folder’s synopsis. Neither editor has a lock in place.

I’m curious as to why this occurs (and wonder if I am misusing Scrivener).

I think the only mistake here is that you are expecting the synopsis of the “Investigating Jill…” folder card to be showing up in the Outliner, but that isn’t how it would work. When you load a container on the Corkboard or Outliner you’ll be viewing its contents alone (the item you’ve selected is represented by the background as well as the header bar), which is in this case one single document that has an older version of your synopsis. If you click on that item in the Outliner, it should show up in the Inspector the way you see it here in the middle.

So what you have in this screenshot by pane:

  1. A corkboard with the “Investigating Jill…” card on it, and that card selected.
  2. The Outliner showing the contents of the “Investigating Jill…” card, which is currently one item.
  3. The Inspector showing the synopsis for the selected card in the Corkboard.

Other than that, I don’t think you’re misusing Scrivener at all! It seems like an interesting layout. :slight_smile:

Thanks! perhaps a layout of a dangerous mind. :laughing:
I think I understand your description and will dig deeper until I am certain.

You might try also adding the title column in the outliner–that might help clarify that the items you’re seeing listed there are the subitems of the corkboard selection rather than the same thing. You could also select the item on the outliner to see the inspector change (assuming the inspector isn’t locked to the left editor).

Thank you!
I believe now that what I was seeing in my Inspector / Outliner puzzle was the synopsis (in the Outliner) for a note within the folder whose synopsis was displayed in the Inspector.