Puzzling problem moving "scenes"

Usually I can just highlight a scene, hold down the mouse button, and move it to a new chapter if needed. Or I just use the control key and up arrow. For some reason today, I can’t move scenes in this fashion. Have I somehow altered a setting? :confused: Thanks for any advice!

EDIT: Never mind. I closed Scrivener, reopened it, and everything was back to normal. Puzzling, tho’.

Could be you were looking at a search result? Was the binder suddenly a flat list without any structure? If so that’s probably what it was.

No I don’t think it looked “flat,” but I may still be so new that I can’t recognize that. :slight_smile:

By that I mean no folders, and no items indented beneath those folders. If you look at the binder, you should see that some items are aligned left and others appear to be indented beneath them. In search results everything is all lined up on the left with no folders, and things can’t be moved around since it is a dynamic list.

Ah well, no big deal since it seems to working again. :slight_smile:

THanks! Yes, I saw them. But, like you said, once I restarted the program it was fine. I’m impressed. First experience, which tells me the product is well-written.