Python error when using Scrivener

Since yesterday I face a popup with an error message whenever I am using Scrivener.
It started after updating to RC17 the day before yesterday and restarting the PC the next day. I noticed the update to RC18, after updating the error message was gone. But today, after having restarted the PC, it comes up again.
It seems to be thrown by Dropbox, since the Icon in the task bar shows the Dropbox symbol and “dbxconn.pyc” sounds like that.

Have you by any chance tried updating/reinstalling the version of Dropbox client that you have on your machine?

Scrivener is not using Python at all. There must be something else interfering with your computer and Scrivener project location probably.

I had the same problem. Found the following solution on another forum:

Go (on the Dropbox Website) into the account and turn OFF ‘Early releases’

Then download and install the app again from this link:

worked for me.