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Do your works reveal themselves all at one time? Or do they snake along, twisting turning, rewriting the plots time and again as your ideas develop over weeks and months?

At times I feel incredibly stupid, others very perceptive. Lately I’ve felt calm and centered as I rewrite and tweak an older work while developing a newer one. Nothing though, comes all at once. Am I missing something?



It depends. Waiting for the Muse to reveal one’s ideas is in my experience not worthwhile (in the literal sense of “worthwhile”, if one is writing for money rather than pleasure). It’s amazing how creative the constraint of a deadline can be.

Sometimes it’s an “Ah-HA!” moment, a kernel of a story that has a buncha words before and after, buncha words revealing themselves to be determined. A paragraph written during an exercise I call ‘Writing to write’, something that produces what could be perceived as a bad blog or the results of remote viewing of what coulda shoulda woulda been or can be. The second beer. Something. Something causes inspiration. If it’s a headslap by a muse, I dunno. Muse been off drinkin’ and carousin’ with it’s pals for a while, if that’s the case. Anyhow, I like the Ecclesiastical perception that there is a season for everything, and that includes writing the whole story. And re-writing. And editing. Nope, it isn’t only you, it’s at the very least you and me. Story usually gets written… by and by, as my Granny used to say.


Sometimes I think the whole thing has come to me in a flash of clarity – but then I wake up, realise that it was all a dream, and I can’t remember what my grand idea might have been (beyond the fact that it was stunningly brilliant). Shades of: “A strong smell of turpentine prevails throughout”.

Hi Bard. My stories have lives of their own. I begin with the barest idea of where I’m going and the characters tend to drive the whole forward. I have found plots that I haven’t liked, emerging; characters that I haven’t liked, forming. It is an incredible journey. And I seem to get to where I want to be in the end. The creative process is amazing.

My take on this is…

:imp: Wot?! Cheek!!

Better out than in…

I wish!

There’s some other way?
By the way, you left years and decades.

I was with you until you added “others very perceptive.”

Looks like you’ve covered the main aspects of writing…

Writing is a creative process.