Q. Is Scrivener 2 compatible with Dragon 2.5?

New version 2.5 of Dragon Dictate allow keyboard input with “compatible” apps.

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Is Scrivener 2.1 compatible with Dragon Dictate 2.5’s keyboard input feature , and, if not, can Keith and the team make it so compatible, because it would be tremendously useful?

Cryptic thread title, isn’t it?

Is this the feature where it can move the cursor around according to dictation commands? If so, I’ve heard it works well in Scrivener so long as you do not try to couple it with a type expansion style program like Typinator or TextExpander. That can cause bad slowdowns.

Generally speaking though, if it works with TextEdit it will be fine with Scrivener. They both use the same technology—the main difference will be that Scrivener does just a little bit more with some surface features added to it. This difference usually has performance rather than compatibility implications.

I installed Dictate 11.5 today to test it out. I had given up on using Dictate some time ago, because of numerous bugs. I just tried it out with Scrivener–a brief test–and found it much more responsive and accurate. I also edited in the text with my mouse and keyboard, then returned the mouse to its previous spot and continued dictation–it worked without a hitch. I also tested some voice commands after moving the mouse, and had somewhat inconsistent results–but it’s been so long since I last used Dictate, I’ve forgotten the correct commands, so that will require further testing on my part.

Did a little more testing. There are still some problems. If I go into the middle of a sentence with my cursor and edit with my keyboard, leave the cursor at the end of the edit and utter the command “Go to End,” the cursor does not move. Further, if I then tell it to “Select [word],” it moves back to a location where the word would have been prior to editing and moving the cursor. Oops! It seems the program remembers where it was prior to moving it and saying “go to end” as the end position, and calculates the location of the word you are trying to select from there.

Once you have used a command like “go to end,” things just get very confused, as far as I can tell.

EDIT: By the way–dictating through the new iPhone Dragon Dictation app works well.

Hi, I’m a week-old user of Scrivener, and it’s already love. I’ve been looking for a stable long form work platform for long time.

I’ve been using Dragon 2.5 with it (bad carpal tunnel makes typing tough). It’s been pretty good, considering the poor state of Mac speech recognition. The Windows Dragon is quite responsive, and I’ve used it extensively. It has many more commands than the Mac version. Nuance seems to be paying more attention to the Mac now, so there’s hope that Dictate will catch up.

My biggest problem with it right now, is that it’s increasingly lagging behind. I’m not sure if it’s because my user profile is getting more complicated or there’s another conflict, but hopefully this too will be addressed.

I have also tried dictating through my iPad with the free app, but I prefer working hands-free using the headset.

This program requires patience. Once you get the hang of it though, it can be quite pleasant to work with.

Do you use any other typing aids, like TextExpander, Typinator, or Spell Checker? Dictate has been known to cause bad typing lag when it is running along with another third-party tool that is monitoring the text input stream.

I like DragonDictate as well. But, I do find lag when I’m typing into Scrivener or Mac Journal. I get a better response when I’m typing directly into a Dragon Dictate NotePad or TextEdit and then copy and paste back into Scrivener.