Q: sync-able companion notes app recommendation

Does anyone here use an iOS app for taking notes that can sync with an OS X companion app?

There are quite a few times when I’m not using Scrivener but want to jot down ideas related to some projects (often, when I’m trying to go to sleep).

Currently I use the iOS Notes app, since the notes will then appear on my MacBook when I’m back at Scrivener. This works, but it’s not ideal: I’d like something that’ll both help me organize those Scrivener-related notes (not mixed about with unrelated notes) and will help do some basic formatting–not for the sake of appearance, but to help organize the different ideas in some order.

Any suggestions?

Drafts - superb for this kind of thing.


Thanks for the reply, but I don’t see the other major component of what I was asking for: syncing with an OS X companion app so that the notes would be available on my MacBook.

Dr Dog’s reference to Drafts represents a practical possibility. If you store Scrivener’s Scratch Pad in the cloud, you can point Drafts at it at midnight and read your notes soon after on the Scratch Pad pane on your Mac. The Scrivener Manual (under the Help menu), section 10.3, page 129 in my version, should help, and there’s at least one post on these forums which tells you enough of how to set up a system (e.g. https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/using-drafts-4-for-importing-notes/34856/2). But of course, you won’t be able to go the other way, Scrivener to Drafts.

Otherwise, beyond Scrivener, Evernote, Notebooks (http://www.notebooksapp.com) and Microsoft’s OneNote are the applications cited as the usual suspects for ubiquitous note-taking and reading. EverNote appears to be subject to a one or two local difficulties at the moment, and its user interface isn’t the clearest or prettiest (in my view), but with a clearer, prettier application as Evernote’s front end on the Mac (such as Alternote http://alternoteapp.com) and the use of a tag hierarchy rather than notebooks and stacks, it’s hard to beat its rapid transmission and storage of notes and just about any other documentary material you care to upload.

For quick notes related to Scrivener - Drafts 4.

For cross-device notes not related to Scrivener - Notability.