QR windows and full screen

I recently re-opened a project that I had closed while it was in full screen. I had a number of quick reference windows open on another screen when I quit, and Scrivener is set to re-open them along with the the project. The bug I found is that the order of operations happened thusly:

  1. Scrivener opens project in windowed mode.
  2. QR windows open on the other screen.
  3. The main project window goes into full screen mode, leaving the QR windows on another virtual desktop.

I believe the order of operations should be 1, 3, 2 to make the QR panels open on the correct virtual desktop (or “space” as Apple like to call it).

I have my “Displays have separate spaces” setting turned off in the System Preferences->Mission Control panel, so each virtual desktop acts as a matched pair on my displays, which is crucial to revealing this bug.

The issue isn’t all that terrible, in that I can go to the Window menu and click on any of the listed quick reference documents, and the selected doc will appear on the other display that is paired with the full screen Scrivener window, but it would be nice if they all opened (and stayed) on that screen.

A secondary issue: When I use CMD-Tab to return to full-screen Scrivener from another app/space, it sometimes selects one of the QR windows and brings it to the virtual desktop I’m already on, rather than switching me to the desktop/space where it was originally open.

Mavericks, 10.9.1
Scrivener 2.5 (Direct Download version)

Okay, I’ve changed the order of events so that this should be fixed for a future version.

There’s not much I can do about this one, as Cmd-Tab is system-controlled and just pulls up the frontmost window.

All the best,

I figured as much, since the QR windows aren’t themselves full-screen, but thanks for dealing with the first thing.