qtconfig for changing window colours (also a possible bug?)

First of all, I’m running Scrivener on an Acer laptop with a getting-on-in-years Celeron M. OS is Xubuntu 12.04. Any software that runs comfortably on my baby is awesome :slight_smile:.

I recently discovered qtconfig, which (almost) answers that problem with Linux and light-on-dark OS themes. My rather horrible-looking first play around with using it to modify Scrivener looks like this:

BUT… this screenshot demonstrates something that I think might be a bug. Qtconfig changes the colours of menus and the toolbars. Scrivener’s own settings change colours for the binder, index card and document notes. Then there’s the General Meta-Data pane.

That pane picks up qtconfig’s text colour, but there’s no option in either program that changes the background. If I set qtconfig up for light text and dark backgrounds, I end up with a white pane that looks blank because the text is almost the same colour.

(That’s why my screenshot is all grey and brown - I’m trying to come up with a low-glare colour scheme that still lets me read the meta-data pane.)

Anyway, possible solution to the light-text-on-dark-background thing for fellow Linux users. Enjoy :slight_smile:.