QtWebKit4.dll error


I went to start Scrivener on my Windows 7 laptop this morning and I got the following error message:

The procedure entry point ?staticMetaObject@QWebArchive@@2UQMetaObject@@B could not be located in the dynamic link library QtWebKit4.dll.

I tried restarting the PC and then shutting it down completely and rebooting.

Has anyone seen this before? Can anyone suggest a fix?


I’d first try clearing the PATH variables, in case there’s any entry for Scrivener pointing to the wrong location, then reinstalling.

To clear the PATH variables, go to Control Panel > System > Advanced system settings. In the “Advanced” tab, click “Environment Variables…”. If you see any entries for Scrivener in the list of user variables for your username at the top, select and delete it. Even if the file path there appears correct for your current installation of Scrivener, I’d go ahead and delete it, as Scrivener’s installer no longer writes this variable. (It did a long while ago, which is why you might have it here and possibly pointing to the wrong place.)

After that, uninstalling and reinstalling Scrivener may get everything hooked up properly again. Try running the installer as admin (you can do this by right-clicking the installer and choosing the option from the context menu, then entering the admin password when prompted).

MM, would you recommend deleting that PATH variable just on general principles, even if the user is not experiencing problems?

BTW, there’s a pretty easy-to-understand Wikipedia article on environment variables for those who are curious what they might be monkeying around with. For those who want to geek out on the subject, there’s a whole wiki devoted to it.

I’m not having any issues, but out of curiosity I looked up the variables and found this:
C:\Program Files\Scrivener;C:\Program Files\Scapple

Should I delete it, or let sleeping dogs lie? (I’m working in the latest beta)