Query re using tokens in header/footer to compile

I’m using Scrivener 2.4.1 on OSX 10.8.3. My project has these levels: project\folder\subfolder\text. I only write at the text level; the folders and subfolders are titled to help organise the text. Most of the time, the text level parts are self-contained.

I want to compile text level parts of my project as PDFs–usually not all the texts in a folder or subfolder. I want my compiled text level parts to carry a section heading that mirrors the title of the part as visible in the binder. I have failed to achieve this. I enter the token <$sectiontitle> in the Header/Footer tabs of the Page Settings Compilation Option. When I compile as PDF, the token itself is printed in the header/footer: i.e. <$sectiontitle> rather than the title of a folder\subfolder\text.

I have put a page break at the start of the text level part, in the Contents checkbox in Compile Options, and in the Separators option of Compile options. Nothing alters the output.

I’d very much appreciate some advice.


Could you please send the project (zipped up) to us at mac.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so that we can take a look? I can’t think of a reason the <$sectiontitle> tag would be included and not replaced, so it would help if we can look at the project to see what is going wrong rather than take some stabs in the dark.


All the best,