Query re viewing label colours

I have created several different scenes in one documented and labelled them according to colour. Is there a way to view just one colour, ie, just the red scenes or blue scenes?

Thank you!

Hello and welcome.

Yes, use the search field on the left above the binder, click on the magnifying glass and tick ‘Label’, type in the name of a label, then go back to the dropdown and at the bottom choose “Save Search as Collection” give it a name in the dialog that pops up centre screen and there you are.

It defaults to “Binder Order”—though you can change that if you wish—and any new scene you create with that label will be automatically added. Check out “View
→ Show Collections” … it’s a toggle which changes to “Hide Collections” when they are shown.



Thank you Mark.
When I click on the magnifying glass on the top left it gives four options as dropdown (Search in project, search in document, find by formatting, Project Replacement).

It doesn’t give a ‘label’ option. I typed in ‘red’ for example and instead of finding all the red labels I’ve set up, it just gives me every separate document that includes the word ‘red’.

Click on the magnifying glass to open the search field, then click on the magnifying glass in the search field.



Brilliant - this is really helpful. Thank you both so much!

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