Query regarding OneDrive

Hi guys, I know there have been issues reported with OneDrive when saving live projects there, but like most other cloud options, is it safe to at least save zipped backups to OneDrive? That way they are not live files, just compressed backups going to the cloud. Or is OneDrive still rated as a no-go for Scriv Windows?


Saving zipped backups to OneDrive should be fine. It’s just an issue with working on live projects, that the multiple files that are regularly changing while working do not always sync properly between machines. You may get around that too following the steps outlined in our KB article here. Just storing the zipped backups is the safest option.

I’ve found that if you pause syncing using the OneDrive notification icon on the desktop taskbar that it prevents error messages, as long as all the files are present. Basically it stops the sync error messages I got all the time.