Query Regarding Scrivener for iOS's UI Languages

Just got an email regarding the imminent release of the long awaited IOS App, but, according to the email: “Language: The UI for Scrivener 1.0 for iOS will be in English only. We will be adding support for other languages in upcoming free updates” ? Well, that’s a kick in the ol’ nuts if you ask me. Please make the “upcoming free updates”, come as soon as possible, specially to support Spanish!. Damn. :angry:

I don’t see how it’s a kick in the nuts. We can either release in English only now, or not release at all for another two months until we get other languages sorted out. Adding languages takes time. We have to extract all of the strings from the finalised UI - which was evolving during beta testing - and then we have to send it off to a translation company. We then have to wait for them to translate everything, inject everything back into the UI and test everything with users. Only then can we release a translated version.

So, you can just look at it as though the iOS version isn’t coming out tomorrow and wait for the translations. We will be sending the strings out to translates in the next month.

I do appreciate that we have users from many countries, and we are committed to doing our best for them and to get Scrivener translated, but the choice was to release now in English or wait another month or two to translate it.

I’m changing the title of this thread, because it is not “URGENT”.

No need to get snippy here, I guess we all appreciate the effort, but I was trying to impress how important is this software for writers who write in other languages. In that case, I will insist on the urgency of the matter. Two months, you say? Good.

Back at ya. :wink:

You are pushing the boundaries of politeness with your somewhat demanding tone at the end here. (But perhaps it is a language barrier and you do not mean it that way; it’s just the way it reads.) I make no guarantees on timescales, only that other languages will be coming and that we will do our best. I’ve worked my ass off to get this iOS version out and tomorrow is a massive day for us. I would ask that customers appreciate we cannot fit everything into 1.0 or it would never be released. We appreciate our international customers and will be adding German, Spanish and French soonish. But it is not a trivial or quick job.

In older s-f literature people always spoke ‘intergalactica’, which happened to be surprisingly similar to English.

Version 1.0 of Scrivener for iOS is simply written in intergalactica, because it is an app for the future, and it is made up of equal shares of science and fiction. :slight_smile:

You’re the one who was less than polite, but I assume it is because of all the pressure you’ve been under. Will it make you feel better that I rephrase like this: “Two months, you say? Great, wonderful, amazing, incredible!”?

“The rudeness that hath appeared in me have I learned from my entertainment.” Perhaps I misread your first post as being much ruder than it was intended, and your second post as more demanding than intended. It’s entirely possible after twelve hours at the computer when confronted with an angry emoticon and phrases like “kick in the nuts”. If I misread you, I apologise. And yes, that’s much better. :slight_smile:

I hope its a better one than the folks who did the (german) OS-X translation :confused:

Damned if you, damned if you don’t. :unamused:

But don’t worry, we’re not using those again. We’re using a different company and paying for the full service to have everything checked in situ. We’ll then ask for some iOS users who use those languages to check for us.

The macOS version will also be re-translated for our next major version. We are aware that the German translation is less than stellar…