Question about a fixed premise position.


Not sure how I had to name the subject of this post, but what I mean is this:
I used different writing software in the past and studied different kind of story structure system during the last years. All of them are starting with: what is your story about? What is the premise/theme/logline? And they tell you always to keep that part in mind while writing your story. What I was wonderin therefore is, would it be possible to get a place somewhere at the top of the main window where I can put my premise/theme/logline? And in a way that it stays there without being renamed everytime I go to another document? I believe that a lot of story structure programs have this option, like ofcourse STC. But also Storycraft and probably others. Just a thought…



There are various ways you could do this. For instance, you could have this in the project notes. Or you could create a document right at the top of the binder (above the Draft) folder to hold your premise. It really is up to you how you organise something like that. I like the flexibility of Scrivener, so I wouldn’t put anything in it approaching “story creation” software… Rather I leave it to users to organise that sort of thing within their projects if they want it.

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