Question about app store discounts

Hi everyone!

New user here. I’ve been meaning to buy this software for quite a while now. I recently ran into a temporary discount promo on a different site for both versions of Scrivener. I’m just wondering if there are any real benefits/drawbacks to buying the software there, versus buying it from here (whether discounted or full price)? Do I still get technical support? What about the updates?

I’m sorry if these sound like noob questions - I don’t know the exact details on how L&L view other retailer other than the Mac App store and whether the same rules and details apply here as they do there. The site in question is Appsumo. Is L&L affiliated with them?

If things are not guaranteed in full as they would be if I buy it here, I’m prepared to wait a bit to buy things at full price.

I appreciate any answers to this!