Question about backing up Scrivener files

I’ve got a newbie question: I want to backup several Scrivener folders onto a jump drive. They’re more recent versions of Scrivener folders and files that are already on the jump drive. Can I just overwrite these files on the jump drive, without any problems cropping up, or is it best to delete the Scrivener folders on the jump drive before copying more recent versions of these folders?

I’m just wondering what happens if I delete scenes in the most recent version, and then copy stuff to the jump drive. Does something remove files of the scenes I deleted? Or do the Scrivener folders just get bigger and bigger then more I overwrite them (because they don’t know that I’ve removed five or fifty scenes)? I hope these questions make sense…

The best way to backup a project is to use the File → Backup → Backup To command, and check the box to create a ZIP backup. That will give you a single, self-contained, optionally date-stamped file.

I don’t actually know how Windows handles it if you copy an entire folder on top of an existing one with the same name and similar contents. (Mac OS treats the entire project as a single “package.”) Scrivener’s master index file (the .scrivx file) won’t have entries for items that have been removed, but that won’t cause Windows to remove them. I’d advise testing with a small project that you don’t care about.

But using ZIP backups avoids the whole issue.


Thanks for the help. Do you know if Norton can back up a zip file?

Can’t think why not, but give it a try. And the last step of the trial would be to bring the zip back from the backup and test unzipping,