Question about backing up (simple)

I just want to be sure I am reading the manual correctly. Am I right in believing that if one backs up a project (or projects) to a location OTHER than the Backups folder, they will not be affected by the limitations on numbers of backups to retain, etc., which one has set in the options section?

I believe that is correct… the number of backups specified to be retained (see Tools > Options > Backup > Retain backup files) should apply only to regular backups that go to the location specified there under Backup location and should not apply to backups created elsewhere via File > Back Up > Back Up To or outside of Scrivener via other copying and such that you do.

Then again, unless you are tight for space, you may want to consider setting Retain backup files to “Keep all backup files”. Helps protect against the possibility of some undiscovered major unwanted/unintended change appearing in all of one’s smaller number of most recent backups. Then just go in once and a while and use File Explorer to do some manual housecleaning of the backup location(s).

As always, be sure you are also routinely copying backups off-machine/off-site… and periodically verifying that you can recover/restore from such backups, for any computer related work, writing or otherwise, that you can’t afford to lose, regardless of what apps you are using in doing the work.

Hope that helps.