Question about bug reporting and bug aknowledgment


I’ve reported quite a few bugs with the latest beta 18, and only one of them seems to have been acknowledged and assigned a bug tracking number in the title:

Does that mean that the others bugs are being ignored? Or are they bugs that have already been reported and assigned a bug tracking number?

I’d like to know because some of the compile bugs I reported make the software not usable in a production environment, and as we only have one beta left (end of July) before release (end of August), I’m getting worried that these issues won’t be corrected in the final version. I’m hoping to move entirely to PC as soon as Scrivener 3,0 is released, but if it’s not able to compile my documents, than I’ll have to keep the Mac version to compile.

Thanks for explaining the process!

Hi Manni,

First off let me reassure you that no bug reports are being ignored. We want to ship a great product just as much (if not more!) than you want to get a great product.

Each bug report is looked at and immediately updated with the existing bug ticket number if already filed - as was the case in your first report - or marked for further investigation. If the investigation requires more information from the user, we will respond to the post asking for it. If not know that it is on the list and being looked at.

Thanks for helping us with the beta!

Great, thanks for the clarification!

Unfortunately it looks like none of the bugs I’ve reported in beta 18 are fixed in beta 19 :frowning:

Let’s hope they are fixed in the public release…