Question about clear format and bullet lists

Hello everyone. I just bought S3 for my Mac. While I really love this software I have 2 questions about it. Both are very important for my workflow.

I’m not a writer or a blogger. I work as video games / board games designer. In my work I use a lot of bullet lists. I have migrated to S3 from Google Docs and my documents are full of them (bullets). And I want to import those documents to S3 and work on them there. So:

  1. Is there an easy way to clear all format when I paste text from Docs? I use this option a lot when I’m working with google software because using both Google Docs and Google Sites gives a lot text formatting problems. Also I have those problems when I try to paste my text to S3. I need an easy way to clear all tabulators and other crap out of it.

  2. And there comes a second problem. Is there an fast, easy way to convert text into bullet lists? I don’t want to make it mamually each time when I’m writing. Is there a shortcut for it on Mac?

1a. Edit > Paste and Match Style


1b. Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting


1c. Edit > Text Tidying > various tools to further clean documents

1d. If necessary, you can also search and replace characters such as (mid-text) tabs, line breaks, paragraph breaks, page breaks, etc

  1. Select text then apply bullets using the Lists icon on the Format Bar

Will try those options, tnx.
About 2 - yes I know this method. But there isn’t shortcut for that in such powerful tool or option to male one?

Yes you can bind each list type to a key binding as with any other menu entry (here it is Format▸Lists▸…), you need to use System Prefs▸Keyboard, create a new app shortcut for and use the Bullet type as the menu title ( here I used • ):

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 09.05.49_SMALL.png

You will need to create a binding for each list style you use…

Ah, a keyboard shortcut. Wasn’t sure what you were looking for. Apologies.

No problem. i’m not native speaker so it could be hard sometimes to understand me. :wink: Thank you again for the answers I will try those solutions today after work.

Hope things work as you need them to.

Your English is excellent. My brain, not so excellent.

Have a great 2018


Ok, so about first point/question and solutions. Looks like them doesn’t work for me. Here is example of text I want to clear (from format stuff): … 6FOng/edit

When I use “clear format” in Google Docs - it really do a job and clear all formatting - including bullet points, tabs etc.

This is your Google Doc pasted into Scrivener using Paste and Match Style only (my default style; yours might be different). I have left invisibles turned on to show there is no formatting left, as far as I can see. Not what you expect?

Ok, so this works for me, lol, I feel stupid now. But please let me know -do you achieve the same results when you use Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting method? If yes - do you have any options in it’s dialog box checked or no?

If a user has already pasted (with style info) or imported styled documents, the Convert Text To Default Formatting helps to some degree, but it also assumes the user wants to retain certain elements, such as bullet points or line breaks, so it leaves them in place, ready to be removed manually, if needed.