Question about compiling Metadata


I am using Scrivener for Windows

Some of my projects are draft multilingual dictionaries, where I have created a custom metadata field per language. I use outliner content export as a ; separated value to generate pivot files prior to loading the dictionaries into a database, where they will serve as input for another software. So far this has been perfect, enabling me both to enjoy a user-friendly working environment and to shift the data to a query-friendly environment .

But now I need to compile a PDF to communicate with peers that are not computer oriented … By playing with the compile options and including metadata, I get entries looking like this : scriv_entry.png
… But I need to exclude the standard metadata (created / modified / status / label) from compile.

I could export to an editable file format and edit, but, well, there are thousands of entries …

Anyone, an idea ? Is it even feasible ?

Thanks, s.

PS : Excuse-me if this is a duplicate topic, I’ve looked but found no solution on the net and in the forum.

Eureka ! In case someone is interested by this usecase … I found a workaround using the free text editor Notepad++

1- Compile with metadata to rtf file using Scrivener.
2- Edit rtf file with Notepad ++
3- In the Search dialog (Ctrl+F) select the “Mark” tab
4- Check “Bookmark line” , enter your search term corresponding to the unwanted metadata and click “Mark All” -> All lines containing the search term are bookmarked.
5- Go to Menu “Search -> Bookmark -> Remove Bookmarked lines”
6- Save rtf file, later use Word to convert to PDF or presentation if needed.

I know that Scrivener, though it is a versatile tool, is not designed to layout documents …
But the ability to select which metadata to include in compile would make a very nice feature IMO, because then it could be used to store and tweak structured data, in my case allowing to discover the database model while collecting data -
and when dealing with human language you need a lot of data to modelize correctly, hence why I’m using Scrivener to avoid migrating data while in the draft stage !

What do you think fellow Scriveners ?