Question about duplicating content on the Kindle Store

I’ve just created two different ebooks on related subject matter. I would like to offer Book A and Book B for individual sale, but I would also like to offer an “omnibus” version or double-volume (Book C) collecting both works at a discounted price. I’m the sole author and rights holder of these properties.

My question is, will the Kindle Store throw some kind of red flag for “duplicate content” or other conflict of interest? I don’t see how it matters whether customers buy the omnibus or the individual volumes, as long as it’s a sale for the Kindle Store. Is it likely that I’ll have to either not offer the omnibus version at all or offer it for the same retail price as the combined total of the individual books?

I don’t know from the Kindle perspective exactly how it would work but from a retail perspective it would go like this.

Book A = SKU 001

Book B = SKU 002

Book C = SKU003

Book C would be a different product with a different UPC code.

Kind of like an Individual can of coke has a UPC code for a 1 can.

A can of coke in a 12 pack has a different UPC code that rings up as a 12 pack.

So package 1 and 2 together into another product (Different title and cover) and even though the content is the same its a different “book” as it is a “complete works” volume.

If that makes any sense.