Question about emailing documents

I showed off my Macbook and Scrivener program to my niece from out-of state the other day and she was thrilled with both. And her husband said she will receive both a Macbook and Scrivener on her birthday, in about a week. Yea! But she’s just emailed me a question I can’t answer.

She writes for a magazine and asked me, “If I am emailing docs to editors, will they be able to open them if they do not use a mac and scrivener?”

Can someone give me an answer. (I’ve told her about this Forum so she’ll be using that soon…but for now she thinks I know everything). :laughing:


As long as she exports or compiles the file to RTF, yes. PFD will give others a read only copy, but RTF
will let them make edits.

There are a lot of threads about this so a search on the forums would do her confidence a world of good.

Jaysen, I just sent her your answer, so thanks a bunch! I also encouraged her to go ahead and sign up on the Forum so I’m sure she’ll do that. Thanks again! :smiley:

whisper He meant PDF, not PFD.

No offense intended, Jaysen, but even I was squinting at that and wondering if there was some new file format I wasn’t familiar with. :mrgreen:

Looks like the Patently Faux Document format, to me. Excellent format for brokers, lawyers, and politicians.

I would have used a different four letter word there amber.

As a lame excuse I have been working in Applescript on an export routine for ecto3 (which seems to be dead). So I am in variable mode. Variable meaning spelling, order, and caps only matter relative to consistent usage. And yes, I did myPFD instead of myPDF. I must now go do a large search and replace thanks to you picky people.


Although I may leave it in there. The F of choice is a pretty accurate representation of the reaction I get when folks actually try to wade through my code.